TIG Welders 2nd and 3rd shift

$20.00per hourly plus overtime hours/pay
(6) welders needed like asap

Technical Tasks
-Position parts in jigs or fixtures on bench or welding positions.
-Select torch, torch tips, filler rods, and fluxes prescribed by blueprints, welding diagrams, and operation sheets.
-Connect regular valves and bases to oxygen and fuel gas cylinders and welding torches.
-Turn regulators and flow meters to activate flow of gases.
-Set prescribed amperage, gas flow, speeds, and feeds to obtain desired welds.
-Hold torches at proper angles to joints to be welded.
-Apply filler rods to molten area to form welds.
-Weld, braze, and cut nitronics, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, and SAE 4130 steels according to blueprint specifications and operation sheet instructions.
-Examine welds for bead size, penetration, and other specifications.
-Grind off excess slag or spatter.
-Clean parts using solvent.
-Repair welds by referring to rejection sheets and by interpreting x-ray sheets.
-Maintain materials, equipment and the work area in a clean and orderly condition.
-Plan and perform diverse hand and machine welding and associated metal joining and processing operations to fabricate experimental or repair parts. Tools and other special equipment required for engine development or overhaul programs.
-Work from drawings, sketches, schedules and verbal instructions to select suitable welding equipment, holding devices, attachments and help tools required for joining process and make required settings to equipment, gas flows and other parameters to obtain quality welds.
-Prepare parts for welding, align and secure details, program computer controlled welding equipment, make up chill bars and shields. Determine sequence of operation and activate machine-welding cycle or manipulate hand-welding torch to complete welding cycle. Use portable welding equipment as required throughout assigned area.
-Read and interpret X-ray film or utilize black light process to determine extent of repairs required, build up finished machined surfaces and repair cracks and other imperfections.
Education Minimum Education Requirement:
High School Diploma or equivalent
Experience/Qualifications Minimum
3-5 years
-Candidate should be proficient in TIG welding of several metal types. Should also be capable of reading & understanding blue prints.
-Ability to focus on safety and quality is extremely important.
-Must be highly motivated and dedicated to exceed customer expectations.
Additional Comments -Responsible for quality product standards with no defects.
-Responsible to comply with applicable elements of quality systems.
-Ability to work successfully in a team environment.
-Understand end uses of products being built.
-Request tools and supplies in accordance with project requirements.
-Comply with safety and hazardous waste disposal programs.
-Participate in cost reduction, scrap reduction, lean, process improvement, etc.
The positions we have open are for 2nd and 3rd shift. The person must be a self starter and capable of getting certified in TIG welding. People who do not pass the test for TIG Welding will be released.

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